How to submit your video content

Want to participate? Submit your content!

Startup Holland TV is the worldwide online TV channel broadcasting the latest news and updates from the Dutch startup ecosystem.

The platform is easily accessible, so every Dutch startup - in whatever phase they may be - can present their pitch to the world. The linear channel will be the destination for the latest news from the Dutch startup world, on demand videos offer all Dutch startups the chance to audio visually present themselves and because a hardworking startup can’t always be everywhere, live video makes the best events, workshops and seminars available wherever you are.

We even make it able for you as a startup, investor, journalist or content creator to participate to Startup Holland TV by submitting your content to the channel. Via our mobile apps (for iOS and Android) and our email address:, you are able to submit your content.


How it works, it's super easy!

1. If you haven't yet, download the Startup Holland TV app in the iOS or Android store 

2. Log in with your email address or Facebook account

3. Open up the menu and choose 'Submit media'

4. Select - or create - your video content and set the title, description and category and choose: 'Submit'

5. Boom, done! It's that easy.