19 months ago

Core activities:
Offering of a communications platform enabling secure and efficient communications around mobile devices, whereby enabling data ownership and care for privacy. 24COMS offers a secure Mobile First intuitive platform for successful business communications through an infinite range of solutions beyond messaging.

Offered products/services:
A range of Secure Software Solutions and Applications based on the versatile 24COMS platform for efficient and insightful communications and information exchange designed around the device we use most; our smart phone. The solutions offer the flexibility to be easily designed around user groups and communities taking care of their privacy and 100% data ownership, News Feed, Newsletters, Brochures, Location Based Services and Information, Point of Interest, Track and Trace, Chat, Post, Internet of Things, Artificial Reality, Voice & Communication Log and more. All of the solutions and applications can be managed by an easy to manage web based control center.

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