Beam Labs (B2C movie)

4 years ago

Beam is a smart projector that fits in any light socket. Beam can turn any flat surface into a big screen. It is a projector equipped with a smart computer, all inside a beautifully designed casing (the design has been awarded with a Red Dot and an iF design award!). Beam also acts as a regular dimmable light. You can control Beam with the remote app that is available for any Apple or Android smartphone/tablet.

Install any app available on Beam. So you can watch Netflix or YouTube on a big screen (even on your bedroom ceiling while lying in bed). Or share your personal pictures and videos with your friends and family directly from your smartphone/tablet through Airplay and Miracast.

Beam Labs has received their first batch of inventory in June’16. Since then they have been doing small pilot tests with various retailers. And have been continuously developing new features for Beam.