Ipsum Energy

4 years ago

In Europe alone, €35 Bn is spent on the rollout of smart meters, yet it doesn’t bring the consumer any savings. Ipsum changes the game by putting a truly smart layer over the smart meter infrastructure.

Smart Insight by Ipsum gives 24/7 real time insight into energy consumption at appliance level, plus standby, in kWh, € and CO2. With the Ipsum app you always have insight in what is happening, why and what you can do to save 20% by means of personal analysis, tips and comparisons to others. Quick feedback ensures the result of saving actions is immediately visible.

To achieve our goal of max impact we will offer our services free to the end-user.

We will create an ongoing relationship with end users. This dynamic will also benefit installers and corporates: a green positive message and new relations. That is one of our sources of income.