- Your content, your data, your value

4 years ago

TradeCast is the only end-to-end solution that lets you easily manage, distribute and monetize your own personalized interactive TV channel and online video platform. TradeCast offers the unique combination of a cloud linear TV channel with countless VOD/OTT-, on demand, streaming and live broadcast capabilities. From anywhere in the world and on every screen, on apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV and Smart TV’s. Users can easily increase interactivity with their target audience with options like in-video buying and user generated content.

The TradeCast platform is designed to work in tandem with all social and marketing channels, pulling in viewer data from around the web and building a database that’s truly yours. With TradeCast you know exactly who your audience is and what your viewers like. This makes TradeCast the best way to create real value with your content and a strong revenue model with online video. And thanks to its SaaS licensing models, starting at €250 per month, TradeCast makes it possible for everyone to start an online video platform.

For consumers, this means TradeCast enables users to start countless new, exciting tv channels for consumers to enjoy for free. Because starting a TradeCast channel is easy and inexpensive, every niche market can now start broadcasting quality video content online. With it’s technology, TradeCast is disrupting the worldwide publishing and television market like never before.

It’s our mission to ultimately make it also possible for consumers to freely manage, distribute and monetize their own online tv channel.

TradeCast is up and running for just one year and we have multiple successful pilots running in The Netherlands at the moment. It all looks very promising and we’re very enthusiastic about the future of our young company. We would like to explore the American market as well and a presence at CES would be a great jumping off point for that.