4 years ago

Utomik is an on-demand subscription service for games, offering unlimited and frictionless gaming for a monthly fee. Gamers can choose from a fast-growing library of top titles. Games on Utomik start incredibly fast and in just 1 click, thanks to our proprietary smart downloading technology.

Utomik has signed agreements with over 24 game publishers including Take2, Ubisoft, SEGA, Telltale Games, Codemasters and Epic Games, and continues to grow its game portfolio (currently 800+ games of which 400 are live). Up to 40 new game titles are launched monthly, continuous improving our KPI’s and customer retention.

Utomik is currently in open beta service, with a growing number of satisfied customers. Through a new exclusive partnership with Vubiquity, we are now preparing to launch to 100 millions of households. Utomik is the first to find a scalable solution for on-demand subscription gaming and become answer to Spotify and Netflix for gamers.