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EXPIVI (virtual experience)

Expivi is an online 3D product configuration platform for better visualization, better communication and better sales! Whether you want to configure a simple pen or a complex building, with Expivi’s Innovative 3D technology, you are able to visualize, customize and quote any product with all possible options and without limitations inside any browser, even in VR. Expivi’s simple and fast workflow makes it possible to import and configure products, made in any modeling software such as Autocad, 3D Max, etc. in matter of minutes. Expivi opens new and exciting ways for you to present your products anywhere, on any device.
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Usono (ultrasound solutions)

The Probefix, provides correct and stable fixation of an ultrasound transducer on the body in an easy and patient-friendly manner. This tool empowers doctors to improve their current procedures and even creates new applications.
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BitSensor is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise solution protecting web applications against security vulnerabilities using realtime blocking and visual insight.
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Briter - making kids smile (Dutch audio only)

Your digital assistent to get the best out of yourself and your students.